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HostPapa is a privately owned web-hosting company with offices positioned at Niagara Falls, New York. HostPapa is extremely reliable and strives to present incessant web service for customer assistance. Client gratification is the preeminent focus of HostPapa and its employees plan outdoor visits to assist customer in every possible way. “Let Papa Take Care of You” is the motto of HostPapa hosting service for the decisive reason that HostPapa makes every effort to familiarize with customers. This web hosting service understands importance of a website for customer. Bearing this in mind, HostPapa web hosting makes sure that customers get uninterrupted service.

HostPapa Web Hosting

The company established its solid foundation with a simple intention to recommend perfect hosting solutions. HostPapa provides remarkable solutions for small and medium-sized business firms that is easily accessible, reliable and customer-oriented. HostPapa values customers and realizes the worth of contending clients support. HostPapa provides a number of services that includes Web Hosting, registration of domain name, business pack, mobile website, website design and backing for Google Application.

Official Website:

HostPapa is superlative hosting company of present scenario. Founded in 2005, the official site is the latest addition to a growing array of hosting companies. Right now, HostPapa has established an alcove for itself. Very few hosting company experience unparalleled growth as depicted from continuous increase in clientele base. The official site of HostPapa provides a surfeit of website tools, marketing tools and many other features. By accessing the official site, customers can easily append their hosting accounts. HostPapa offers an exceptional marketing set-up, which provides its users advertising credits worth $140.

People Associated with It:

On March 20 in New York, HostPapa announced itself as the official reseller of Google Applications for the purpose of communication and association tools. At present, HostPapa is operating at Ontario, Canada and Oakville with additional centers in New York. Recently, HostPapa has amalgamated its hosting business with goMobi, which is a popular Mobile site builder. Now, HostPapa clients can create mobile friendly sites in a blink. The best thing is that the customer can benefit from mounting growth of people accessing websites using multimedia handsets. Carrie Radske, Affiliate Manager of HostPapa motivates people to accustom preeminent gains of world-class green hosting service. HostPapa has also partnered with SohoLaunch Website Builder and now hosting subscribers can enjoy free site building softwares.


The website hosting package of HostPapa gives unlimited storage capability and data transfer. Hosting package presents accessible marketing tools and domain names for your entire life. It offers many other commercial as well as multimedia system features to enhance your existing or new sites. HostPapa devotes itself to running small business and delivers quality customer service. This hosting service is user-friendly and possesses an adept customer support executive working successively to match perfectly with client’s need. HostPapa proposes low-prices hosting plans starting from monthly subscription of $4. HostPapa customers rely on this trusted hosting solution, as it adopts all convenient steps to line up with client necessities.

Online chat facility makes this web hosting service more pioneering and most preferred choice of bloggers. By signing up HostPapa, users are actually supporting environment in one or other way, as this hosting service utilizes green energy like wind or solar power for functioning. Stepwise video tutorials and other newbie features makes it easy for users to accustom with HostPapa.


Negative traits of HostPapa are comparatively less than its rosy aspects. HostPapa is undeniably an excellent service provider for web hosting regardless of the fact that client’s business is small or medium-sized. HostPapa proffers a reliable and protected hosting solution but regrettably do not skimp on power. In spite of having myriad users report about its consistency, HostPapa uptime is less than 99% contrary.


HostPapa is feature-rich and eco-friendly web hosting service, which offers countless valuable tools and add-ons to assist you enhance existing site or create a new one. HostPapa provides just one easy and affordable hosting package engrossed with superb features like unlimited bandwidth, free set-up, website tools and money back assurance. This web hosting service proves its motto by presenting finest and green web hosting service in cloud based environment. The most palpable aspect of HostPapa is its free Domain registration for the entire life. By signing up at the official site of HostPapa, users can choose their domain name. If visitor is a transferred customer, then HostPapa pays for their domain name since the very beginning.HostPapa Web Hosting Review

HostPapa proposes top-notch hosting features and unlimited storage capacity. With unlimited bandwidth, add-ons and storage, it aims at providing unrestricted website hosting. Customers can personally verify unlimited usage of HostPapa where subscribers can access website files, data and not personal online back up. After all, HostPapa is a web hosting service provider and not an internet backup provider.

How It Works:

To develop a website with HostPapa, the foremost step required is to create a domain name and register it. However, users are required to pay registration fees aligned with domain name, which is applicable for life. The next step involves creation of website with HostPapa, which supplies tools required for designing a standard website. HostPapa started SoHoLaunch, which offers a wide array of templates, themes and add-ons thereby making it simple for users to give a profession touch to website. For experienced website developers, Fantastico proffers more than 40 different themes.

When internet browsers access your website, it begins to search for index files. Immediately after finding an index file, it is disclosed by web browser automatically. Most of the websites use index file to represent home page. Users can easily view public_html folder by using file manager of cPanel. Before using the email service of HostPapa, it is compulsory to create an account with cPanel. As you will log in cPanel, click on Email Accounts to open the page. If user has various domains linked with HostPapa account, choose domain from drop-down field to the right of “@” symbol. Type password in the selected area and make sure that it is secure. Enter password again for reconfirmation and then click on “Create Account” icon.

What makes HostPapa service so startling is its hosting space engraved with great choices for extremely discounted Three Year Hosting Plan of $5.95 every month. HostPapa offers free lifetime registration of domain name along with storage capacity of 300GB and bandwidth of 3000GB every month. The web hosting package assists users and businesspersons give their website a lifelike appearance with high-powered and professional services of HostPapa at a competitive price. Additionally, hosting solutions of this service provider help customers to saves money, increase productivity and augment the entire look of site. Nowadays, web hosting is a powerful way of conducting business and HostPapa holds credit of offering the best application with perfect backing.

FatCow is main opponent of HostPapa possessing almost similar features such as user-friendliness and green service. FatCow offers its hosting services at an affordable annual subscription of $66. FatCow Hosting plan features limitless bandwidth, web surfing and registration of domain name. It offers robust and ample hosting solutions while considering customer requisites for improving website online. On the other hand, HostPapa supports business associated with electric mail section.HostPapa Web Hosting Review

How is it different from the Competitors?

Firstly, HostPapa’s dedication to green service separates it from other contenders. It was first hosting provider that made public commitment for promoting eco-friendly service in a web-based environment. Almost every operation of HostPapa is powered by green energy. This web hosting service provider treats every customer like a member of HostPapa family. Customer Support desk of HostPapa dwells a troubleshooter, manual library, extensive knowledge base and ticket process. The company offers 24-hour customer support assistance in North America with live chats, toll-free number support and tickets.

HostPapa Web hosting plan has the most affordable prices in market loaded with innovative features, which are rarely offered by other providers. At present, it hosts more than 50,000 websites and continues to grow its initial success. Reasonable product packaging, excellent support service and reliability are equally significant and contribute in thriving success of company. Dedicated customer support, quality equipment, highly efficient tools, guaranteed uptime and reliable backups are some positive traits of HostPapa.


For environmental gains, HostPapa does not hesitate to increase operating cost in order to buy a green energy certificate. It aims at reducing footprint on earth’s environment and this is certainly a responsible activity, which must be followed by every Web hosting service. This is the reason why HostPapa is the most recommenced and well-accepted Hosting Provider. By spending $3.95 every month, users can definitely get more than money’s worth. With enhanced features, HostPapa can beat any product of the competitors. With Thirty day money back assurance, customers can easily invest in one of the hosting plans without any risk.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

Selection of right hosting provider is similar to investment, as it becomes very important to guarantee excellent value for money. With HostPapa, users can get fair return on your investment and even more. By investing a fixed price on hosting plans, customer get additional
benefit of widely used SoHoLaunch pro website Builder. Navigation through different tasks is an incredible experience with user-friendly cPanel. Tech savvy customers will find Fantastico Scripts perfect for managing websites especially for online traders using shopping carts. In total, customers get freebies of around $500 and Google ad credits worth $25. HostPapa is devoted to 100% customer’s contentment with thirty days money back assurance.

Coupons or Discounts:

Customers can have great savings on the next purchase of hosting plans. For exclusive offers, vouchers, special promos and coupon codes, customers can visit the official site of HostPapa or its dedicated server. HostPapa coupon codes can be more valuable for customers in search of affordable hosting service but not in a mood to compromise with hosting quality. Coupon codes can be used to avail amazing discounts on company prices and enjoy hosting service at low cost. HostPapa Coupon codes are available on net and users can grab amazing deals on its internet hosting service.

HostPapa Web Hosting  Video Tutorial:

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