Target Long Tail Keywords Like A Pro

SEO strategies change with time and with updates in the search engine algorithms but one thing remains constant is the fact that webmasters want to rank for as much highly competitive keywords in their niche as they possibly can. Ranking [...]

Top 5 Free SEO Tools For 2012

It’s time for a midyear checkup. A lot has changed in the arena of SEO which means that some SEO tools are now outdated. Thankfully there are still some tools that survived and there are even now new tools being [...]

A Look At What Google Considers Web Spam

Web spam is closely related to SEO and so we need to understand what it is from a search engine’s point of view. Whenever a webmaster uses means to boost the rank of a page without improving the actual value [...]

How To Recover Your Traffic After Google Penguin Update

Google’s Penguin update was launched in April in order to remove over optimized sites from the search results. I might add here that it is left all up to Google to determine what they consider over optimized and in this [...]

Defend Your Site Against Negative SEO

Even webmaster remembers and dreads the day when he sees the unnatural links message in his Webmaster Tools account.  With the Penguin update a lot of sites have been penalized for paid links and with that the fear of negative [...]

Site Scorer Review

Find Accurate Website Score by Site Scorer Official Website: For finding comprehensive information pertaining to that of Site scorer, a team of highly talented and creative people have designed its By turning to its official website, you can explore [...]