Plugins & Extensions

Auction Thumbs Plugin Review- A Premium WordPress plug-in for creating eBay Partner network sites

Auction Thumbs allows you to automatically import affiliate links directly from eBay’s Partner network affiliate program to your WordPress blog. It easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or special set-up to work with your site. A  database cache [...]

“WP-Answers” Plugin Review- A Premium WordPress plug-in for a Q&A feature on your site

WP-Answers can instantly transform your site into a full-fledged question and answer community portal. It can be used with any WordPress theme and also comes with a responsive default theme that can be viewed from tablets and smartphones. Users can [...]

WP-Review Engine Plug-In Review-A Premium Plugin for creating review sites

WP-Review Engine is a premium WordPress plug-in designed to turn your site into a fully-loaded review site. It’s compatible with all themes and can be easily installed and operated without any need for technical knowledge. The plug-in is fully search [...]

WP Policy Pack Plug-In Review- A Premium plugin for better search ranking for WordPress sites

WP Policy pack plug-in is an unique plug-in that makes sure that your WordPress site follows all the major  norms for better search ranking. It includes a set of features to make your site Ad Word friendly and comply all [...]

Magic Affiliate Plug-In Review-A Premium plugin for creating an online membership site

Magic Affiliate  is a premium plug-in for creating an online membership site where you can monitor clicks, sales and commissions for up to 5 nested levels of members. It integrates with popular WordPress e-commerce software’s such as WooCommerce and WP-eCommerce [...]

Relavanssi Plugin Review- A Premium WordPress plug-in for in-site search features

“Relavanssi” is a unique plug-in that is designed to give accurate results for your in-site search.  It enables users to get relevant listings when they for a keyword search on your site. It also searches user  profiles and taxonomies and [...]